Mike Palotas

Project MP1 Title Image

Project MP1

Project MP1 (working name) is my long-term, multi-year video game project. It's a sprite-based 2D action-adventure game with a 'metroidvania' game design. 2D action side-scrollers are my favorite types of video games, and this game is built in the style of (and with honor to) games like the Metroid, Castlevania, Contra, and Strider series.


What a horrible night to have a tutorial

I'm designing the game, modeling and animating the characters, coding the logic, and making the music by myself.

Background Puzzle

The background is actually a puzzle...

I'm using Unity as the middleware and modeling the characters in 3D form, animating, and then exporting them to 2D sprite sheets.


There will be plenty of secrets

Work on MP1 has been going on for a few years (started early 2014) and is expected to go on for a few more, mainly since the character assets are so involved and I hope to have at least 200 types of characters. However, I'm taking the 2017 calendar year off to work on MP2.


Of course there will be a secret lab

St Zombie

Play as a zombie...complete with attack flies

Hit and Run

Everyone and everything will be out to get ya

Wine Barrel

Would you like wine with your deadite?


Sniper on the rooftop...

Entrance Hall

Not everything is as it appears


We're going to need a bigger map

St Spirit

The ghost in the study with the globe


A night at the theatre

St Wolf

Werewolf air-tackle

Kitchen sink

I hope to have everything in this game. And yes, this is.

Project MP2 Title Image

Project MP2

Project MP2 (working name) is my one-year long timeboxed video game project. It uses the basic engine I've built for Project MP1, but instead of having rich, complicated, and a high number of character and scene assets, it will use simple graphics (stick figures, hand drawn backgrounds, etc.).


Much simpler characters

It is also a 2D action platformer, but I'm not sure if it will be a linear game design or also along the lines of a 'metroidvania' game; the character upgrades will work with either type of game.


Plenty of action

I will work on and blog MP2 throughout the year 2017; I am spending time each day on it starting January 1st. I plan on having a playable demo showing the state of the game at the end of every month, and I hope to publish the game to the Xbox consoles by the end of the year.


Plenty of platforming

The purpose of MP2 is two-fold: 1.) Since MP1 is so long-term, I wanted to try a shorter-term project for a while and get something out. 2.) I wanted to use it as a test-bed for MP1, as it will use the same level, entity, and game logic (just with different sprites and levels).

Demo of first month's work using temp levels


Plenty of running


Plenty of forms


Plenty of weapons


Plenty of abilities


Start out small